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2017 Holiday Releases

We're very excited to announce the sale of our holiday releases this Saturday, December 9th, at 11am at the distillery and at 12pm online (for pick-up). This year, we are offering our 3rd batch of Jimmy Red Straight Bourbon Whiskey in our New Southern Revival Brand packaging, Watermelon Brandy, and two iterations of our Lowcountry Agricole. 

About Jimmy Red Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($79.99):

Our 3rd batch of Jimmy Red Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a blend of 3 53 gallon barrels that came of age in late November. Bottled at 100 proof, there are only 784 bottles of this batch available in the country. For more information about our Jimmy Red Revival Project, please click here.

About Single Source Lowcountry Agricole ($79.99):

Distilled from freshly pressed SC cane juice, our version of rhum agricole has developed quite the cult following. This year, we sourced cane juice from two farms in different regions of the state to determine if flavors might be impacted by different soil types. These batches were fermented, distilled, and aged separately with identical processes with wildly different results. This is truly a terroir driven spirit! The first batch was distilled from sugar cane grown at Blizzard Branch in Hartsville, SC up in the Pee Dee region of the state and yielded 126 bottles. The second batch was distilled from sugar cane grown at Lavington Farms in the ACE Basin of South Carolina and yielded 270 bottles. Pick up one of each for a vertical tasting of South Carolina's true spirit!

About Single Source Watermelon Brandy ($64.99):

For this year's batch of Watermelon Brandy, we decided to use Crimson Sweet watermelons grown by at Cherokee Tract south of Charleston. We distilled enough spirit to fill 254 bottles for this batch after a good 4 month rest in neutral storage. It's very possible we will be taking a hiatus in production of watermelon brandy next year, so don't miss your chance to pick up this incredibly unique spirit one last time!

Please remember there is a 3 bottle limit per person per day due to SC state law. Any online purchases totaling more than 3 bottles will be voided. As in years past, SC law also prevents us from shipping bottles. Purchased product will be held for pick-up until January 31st, 2018 unless special arrangements are made. Items not picked up by that date will be re-stocked for sale in our Tasting Room.

For those of you outside the SC market, limited quantities will be available for shipment through our online retail partner, Cordial in DC. Cordial has these items in stock, so email them at and place your order today! If you own a retail store or bar and restaurant, our limited release spirits are distributed through Advintage in SC, T. Edward Wines in NY, Prestige in DC, Prime Wine and Spirits in Georgia, Progress Wine in Florida, Ajax in Nashville, and Knox Beverage Group in Knoxville. Please send us an email at for information about specific retailers in your area.