2016 Holiday Releases

We're very excited to announce the sale of our traditional holiday releases this Friday, December 9th, at 11am both online (for pick-up) and at the distillery. In addition to our classic offerings, Watermelon Brandy and Lowcountry Agricole, we'd like to introduce you to a new holiday offering, Single Source Apple Brandy, a very special collaboration with our friends, Diane and Chuck Flynt, of Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, VA. Read more about these limited edition spirits below!

Please remember when ordering on our website there is a 3 bottle limit per person per day due to SC state law. Any online purchases totaling more than 3 bottles will be voided. As in years past, SC law also prevents us from shipping bottles. Purchased product will be held for pick-up until January 31st, 2017 unless special arrangements are made. Items not picked up by that date will be re-stocked for sale in our Tasting Room.

For those of you outside the SC market, limited quantities will be available for shipment through our online retail partner, Cordial in DC. Cordial has these items in stock, so call and place your order today! If you own a retail store or bar and restaurant, our limited release spirits are distributed through Advintage in SC, T. Edward Wines in NY, Prestige in DC, and Ajax in Nashville, TN.

About Single Source Apple Brandy ($79.99):

As mentioned above, this Apple Brandy is a passion project born of our friendship with Diane and Chuck Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider. We first met the Flynts through Southern Foodways Alliance and have been conspiring for years about how we might work together. Diane and Chuck are passionate cider makers who grow some of the finest cider apples in the country on their farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Last October, Diane sent us 500 gallons of juice pressed from apples grown in their orchard including Hewe's Crab, Grimes Golden, Pitmaston Pineapple, Harrison, and Parmar. Of these, Hewe's Crab is perhaps the most well known and was championed by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Foggy Ridge boasts the largest planting of Hewe's Crab in the south. Grimes Golden, with its spicy sweet flavor, is believed to be a parent of Golden Delicious and is known for its extremely high sugar content. Pitmaston Pineapple is of English origin and is incredibly juicy with a pineapple-like flavor. The Parmar apple was a signature variety for brandy makers in the 18th century, and the Harrison apple commanded the highest price for cider in colonial America. As you can see, Foggy Ridge is doing their part to keep heirloom cider apples alive and well. Once we received the juice from this carefully selected medley of cider apples, we fermented and distilled it with Diane on Halloween Day last year. The entire distillery smelled like sweet apple spirit. We rested the distillate for 11 months in toasted 30 gallon barrels, and the result is pure goodness. This year, we produced 296 bottles, and while we would never rule out making another batch, there's currently no apple brandy resting in our building for next year. Get it while you can!

About Single Source Lowcountry Agricole ($79.99):

Distilled from 500 gallons of freshly pressed SC cane juice grown at Blizzard Branch in Middendorf, SC, our version of rhum agricole has developed quite the cult following. We delicately age this spirit for 11 months in toasted barrels. Only 210 bottles produced this year, and it might just be the best batch yet!

About Single Source Watermelon Brandy ($64.99):

For this year's batch of Watermelon Brandy, we decided to use Bold Ruler watermelons grown by our friend, Sidi Limehouse, at Rosebank Farms on Johns Island. Bold Ruler melons are in the same family as the Liberty watermelon, and we needed over 250 of them! We distilled enough spirit to fill 257 bottles for this batch after a good 4 month rest in neutral storage.