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Hat Trick Extraordinarily Fine Botanical Gin

Made with crushed juniper berries and fresh lemon and orange peel, this bright and flavorful gin is well-balanced and pleasing to the palate. Balancing botanicals include licorice root, angelica root, coriander, and cardamom. From a straight up martini to a more complex Fitzgerald, this gin dazzles even the most discerning gin drinker.

Proof: 88

Tasting Notes: Floral, licorice, lemon, orange, pine, rounded/full texture, well-balanced, long finish.

Cocktails: Gin & Tonic, Martini, Fitzgerald, Collins, Negroni, Gimlet, Martinez, Gin Gin Mule

Awards: Silver Medal ADI 2014, Bronze Medal for Packaging Excellence ADI 2014, Bronze Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014, Bronze Medal ACDA 2014

Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin

Distilled in delightfully small batches, our barrel rested gin is handcrafted by resting our original Hat Trick gin in virgin barrels for six months. The result is a full-bodied, complex, and sippable spirit perfect for creative twists on old classic cocktails.

Proof: 88

Tasting Notes: Orange, vanilla, holiday spice, creamy texture, long finish.

Cocktails: Classic Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, Martinez, Red Snapper (trust me).

New Southern Revival Brand

Sorghum Whiskey

Distilled from sorghum grown on a Mennonite farm in central Tennessee, our Sorghum Whiskey is incredibly smooth with a long finish. Sip it neat or over a single, large cube of ice for a satisfying dessert cocktail.

Proof: 88

Tasting Notes: Maple Syrup, peat, cashew, malt, smoke, vanilla

Cocktails: Old Fashioned, Dark & Stormy, Manhattan

Awards: Bronze Medal ADI Spirits Competition 2014, Bronze Medal ACSA Spirits Competition 2014


New Southern Revival Brand

Rye Whiskey

Our Rye Whiskey is made with 75% of ancient Italian Abruzzi, an heirloom grain grown in the Carolinas for centuries and prized for its hardy backbone and complex nutty flavors. Heirloom white corn completes the blend and adds a touch of sweetness to compliment the boldness of the rye.

Proof: 90

Tasting Notes: Sweet caramel notes take the lead before expanding into flavors of cinnamon, walnut, a hint of smoke, and a long, lingering spice

Cocktails: Black Manhattan, Sazerac, Old Fashioned

Awards: Bronze Medal ACSA Spirits Competition 2016,            94 Points - Wine Enthusiast

Southern Amaro Liqueur

A Southern expression of an Italian classic, our signature amaro is handcrafted from regionally grown and foraged ingredients such as Charleston black tea, yaupon holly, Dancy tangerine, and mint. Sip by itself as a digestif, or use in a riff on a classic cocktail!

Proof: 60

Tasting Notes: Fresh citrus, licorice, light mint, medium body, slightly bitter, vanilla on finish

Cocktails: Black Manhattan, Boulevardier, Paper Plane, Negroni


Hometown Vodka

Incredibly smooth with a touch of sweetness, our Hometown Vodka is made from 100% corn and is distilled over 7 times. Perfect in a classic martini or with your favorite tonic, this vodka is also perfectly sippable over crushed ice with a twist.

Proof: 80

Tasting Notes: Clean, Pure, Delicate White Sweet Corn, Smooth & Rounded Texture, Significant Warmth on the Finish

Cocktails: Martini, Vodka Collins, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Vodka Tonic